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The Life Retuning Academy is a hub site where you can find out information about Life Retuning and what it can help you with. You can find a local Life Retuning Practitioner in the Directory whom you can book a session with. The Practitioners listed on this site have all been trained and are qualified in the original Life Retuning system.

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What Life Retuning is Not

It is important to establish what Life Retuning is not, so that you can get a clear picture and understanding of the definition of what it is.

It is not:





Spiritual Healing


Talking Therapy



What is Life Retuning?

Science has shown us that we are made of energy. We consist of vibrating waves. We even have microscopes now that show this to be true. Thoughts and emotions are also vibrations, just like our physical bodies. We are in fact an ever changing sea of multi-level, complex experiences which we recognise as a human being.

  • Some of those experiences translate as negative emotions which make us feel sad, scared, angry, helpless and a whole host of other unpleasant feelings.
  • Some of those experiences translate as upsetting thoughts, harsh opinions, limiting beliefs which stop us from feeling good, healthy and satisfied.

Your thoughts and emotions have very specific energy signatures and can affect you deeply without you being aware of why that is happening. All you know is that you don’t like going into a certain situation or you just feel under par, anxious or unhappy. 

Life Retuning is a procedure that takes those negative vibrations and changes them to a different frequency range. This range of frequencies is of loving, positive, abundant, content, peaceful, joyful energy.

How Does Life Retuning Work?


As we are made of energy, we all have an energy field which emanates from our physical bodies and is unseen to the average human eye. This field is like an archive which holds the information energetically of every experience you have ever had. Nothing happens in isolation because energy connects everything. This means that the problem you are struggling with has a reason and a background to it, even if you are not consciously aware of it. The background consists of significant events which have contributed to your problem and are therefore called Seed Traumas. Life Retuning is a method of reading your energy field, identifying the Seed Traumas, neutralising their effect and thereby releasing the reason for your problem to continue to affect you. Your experience is that you can no longer feel the distressing emotion or upsetting thought any more. This frees you up to do what your could not do when you had your problem.

What Doesn’t Happen in a Life Retuning Session?

  • You will not be asked to talk about painful and upsetting experiences because Life Retuning is not based on your ability to consciously recall what has happened to you. The information your Practitioner needs will be obtained from your energy field.


  • You will not have to use any unfamiliar equipment or do any unexplained tests. You may be asked to allow your Practitioner to do a muscle test on you but they will make the procedure clear.


  • You will not need to make mental connections or analyse what may be wrong with you. Because Life Retuning does not rely on the mind, the emphasis is not on your logical brain’s understanding of your thoughts.


  • Your Practitioner will not assume they know what needs to be done in order to help you get over your problem by following a preset general template. Instead they will respond to your individual and specific needs. Life Retuning only works with that very accurate information from your energy field.


What Does Happen in a Life Retuning Session?

  • You will be listened to by your Practitioner and your feedback on how you are feeling during the session will be taken seriously and accepted as your interpretation of the way you experience the reality of your problem.


  • In your Life Retuning session, you will be able to sit comfortably and have a minimal amount of physical effort to put in.


  • As your Practitioner works with you, it is usual to feel significant changes happening with your emotions and in your perception. You may find that a memory that was very upsetting a few minutes before, becomes numb and feels distant after it has been Retuned. You may find it difficult to even think about that memory and your mind seems to just slip off it. This indicates that the emotional charge has been deactivated from that memory.


  • It is usual to feel lighter, colours may appear to be brighter and you may yawn or giggle as tension is released throughout your system.


  • After a Life Retuning session, you may find that you are not feeling anything and there are no thoughts in your mind. This is an indication that your system is processing all the work that has been done on helping you get free from your problem. Energy works instantly but your mind can take a while to catch up with what has happened. This is normal for a Life Retuning session and after a short while, your new positive feelings and thoughts will make themselves evident to you.